LIFE TTGG Partner: Grana Padano Protection Consortium

The LIFE TTGG project “The tough get going” was co-funded by the European Environment and Climate Action Programme (Life 2014-2020). The objective of the project is to orient the development of the dairy sector towards an improvement in the production process efficiency, in order to guarantee its growth and preserve quality in the perspective of environmental sustainability.

In order to achieve the objective of improving the efficiency of the whole European PDO hard and semi-hard cheese production chain, the project involves 7 highly qualified partners: Consorzio tutela Grana Padano, Politecnico di Milano, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Piacenza, Fondazione Qualivita, oriGIn, Enersem and CNIEL.

The Grana Padano Protection Consortium was founded in 1954 to promote, protect and monitor Grana Padano PDO cheese, which is the best-selling PDO cheese in the world.

Within the LIFE TTGG project, it has created a round table with the world of research to open a serious and constructive discussion on environmental issues related to the Grana Padano production chain and to identify together possible efficiency solutions over the entire life cycle of the product: from the farms to the dairy, ageing warehouses, packaging plants up to the final consumer.

The activity of the Consortium is in particular dedicated to involving and raising consumer awareness on the issues of environmental sustainability, combining it with the economic and production development of the Grana Padano PDO supply chain.

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